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V.E.T. Net – An Overview

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Some time ago, the son of a retired veterinarian who lives in a U.S. facility supported by V.E.T. Net’s umbrella organization, CRISTA, was touring a remote area of the Gobi Desert during a visit to Mongolia.  While there, he struck up a conversation with a man who turned out to be a Christian.  When he asked the man how he became a Christian, the man told him, “it was because of V.E.T. Net.

2 Thessalonians 3:1:  … pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored.

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To donate to one of the V.E.T. Net Programs listed below, click on the image.  You will be taken to the Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) website.  Once there, click on the tab labeled ‘Special Project’, then click on the V.E.T. Net Program to which you wish to donate.

You may also click on one of the individual links in the Program descriptions to link directly to the donation page for that Program.

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More About V.E.T. Net

V.E.T. Net is a non-profit, non-governmental organization headquartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  V.E.T. Net was established in order to improve veterinary support to Mongolian herdsmen, to enhance the well-being of remote herdsmen communities, and to observe the Scriptural mandate to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations (Matt. 28:19).

When V.E.T. Net veterinarians in Mongolia were allowed to privatize in 1999 – following the collapse of Soviet influence in the country – most veterinarians were in a desperate situation, unable to make a living.  As V.E.T. Net trained the veterinarians and began the process of importing and distributing quality veterinary medicines, the veterinarians and their herder clients began to prosper.  V.E.T Net is largely credited with having totally reformed the veterinary sector in Mongolia by making quality veterinary products available throughout the country, by introducing modern veterinary practices, and by providing ongoing training to rural veterinarians and herdsmen.  In addition, V.E.T. Net projects are providing children with better educations and enabling many to pursue university degrees. Small churches are being born in communities visited by V.E.T. Net, village leaders are being discipled, and the poor throughout the country are being lifted from poverty.

V.E.T. Net became a non-profit, non-governmental organization in 2003 and is funded almost entirely by private donations.  V.E.T. Net employs 16 national veterinarians full time and interacts with over 1000 veterinarians throughout the country. Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) employs a small staff to provide advice and assistance.

The four primary Programs which comprise the V.E.T. Net mission include Gift-of-Love, Claim-a-County-for-Christ, Watering-With-the-Word, and Continuing Education/ Large Animal Clinic.  These Programs are described below.


Gift-of-Love is the newest V.E.T. Net Program. In its first full year of operation in 2018, Gift-of-Love provided 2,256 sheep and goats to 519 Mongolian families.  Ages of the recipients ranged from 13 to 89.  During the year, over 75 rural V.E.T. Net volunteers traveled within 11 Mongolian states and 67 counties in support of the Program.

Here is how Gift-of-Love works:

Suppose a donor donates $100 to V.E.T. Net. V.E.T. Net uses the $100 to purchase much-needed veterinary medicines. Meanwhile, in a remote village, a herder exchanges two sheep (or goats) for $100 worth of medicines from the local veterinarian (each animal is worth approximately $50). The rural veterinarian in turn delivers the two animals to a needy family, which has been pre-identified through the V.E.T. organization. The veterinarian then receives $100 worth of replacement medications from V.E.T. Net. V.E.T Net in turn uses donations to replenish its supply of medicine. Because V.E.T. Net is a non-profit, non-government organization, essentially every dollar donated goes directly to feeding the poor, supporting veterinarians, and improving lives in rural communities via this revolving process.

Beyond the simple act of caring for the less-fortunate, Gift-of-Love spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian witness, love, and charity.  Perhaps because of this, the giving process central to Gift-of-Love is contagious, as local herdsmen are increasingly inspired by the Program to donate from their herds to help the less-fortunate. Gift-of-Love is more than just charity; it is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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Claim-a-County-for-Christ began in 1996, primarily as an effort to improve educational opportunities for children in remote Mongolian villages.  It is now a full-blown Christian outreach that serves as a companion to the Watering-With-the-Word Program. As of 2018, 112 of the 316 counties in Mongolia have been ‘claimed’ under this Program. The goal each year is to ‘claim’ approximately 30 additional counties.

Under the Claim-a-County-for-Christ Program, V.E.T. Net personnel work within a county for a period of three years.  The Program employs 24 full-time and approximately 100 part-time teachers.  And although the Program focuses primarily on improving educational opportunities for young children, V.E.T. Net personnel also work with government, medical, and social organizations in an effort to improve the overall quality of life in remote villages.  Donations provide the means to supply books, material, training resources, and building supplies.

In 2018 alone 8,400 children and adults were trained under the combined Claim-a-County-for-Christ and Watering-With-the-Word Programs.

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As the companion Program to Claim-a-County-for-Christ, Watering-With-the-Word is a discipleship Program designed to further advance the Word of God in those counties which have been reached by Claim-a-County-for-Christ.  The discipleship of new believers in remote villages is the road to a sustainable church in Mongolia.  V.E.T. Net staff work to establish rural churches and home study groups, to train and educate those who will become the Paul and Barnabas figures within the villages, and to disciple young believers in their faith.

As of 2018, approximately 90 small churches and home groups have been established as a result of the combined Claim-a-County-for-Christ and Watering-With-the-Word Programs.

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Continuing Education/Large Animal Clinic

The V.E.T. Net Continuing Education Program is centered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia at the V.E.T. Net headquarters, although there are both small and large animal clinics in the local area which provide practical veterinary training using live animals.  Each year, multiple training sessions are held for the remote national veterinarians; and to-date nearly all veterinarians in Mongolia have received training at V.E.T. Net.  This training is critical to improving the knowledge and capabilities of the remote veterinarians, which in turn affects the well-being of the animal flocks and herds in the villages they serve.

In addition to providing veterinary education and practical training for the remote veterinarians, the V.E.T. Net Continuing Education Program provides a limited number of internships to local veterinary students and offers English language classes at three levels of difficulty for veterinary students.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – each year V.E.T. Net conducts clinics for the herders and veterinarians in the most remote regions of the country.  In 2018, nine area training sessions were held, involving over 350 veterinarians and 5,600 herders, in approximately 95 different counties.

The V.E.T. Net Continuing Education Program is entirely funded through individual donations.

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We are forever thankful for your love, your support, and your prayers