The veterinary, education, humanitarian and Christian outreach efforts by Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) and the indigenous V.E.T. Net organization on behalf of herdsmen in the remote Mongolian countryside have inspired many to take up their ‘crosses.’

Tend My Sheep includes an entire section of wonderful testimonials from Mongolian nationals, V.E.T. Net missionaries, and key individuals associated with the ministry.  Included here are a few abbreviated testimonials from the Mongolian nationals.  Who better to share the impact that CVM and V.E.T. Net are having on the life and faith of the Mongolian people?

Testimonial of Puredorj Jamsram

Board Chairman of V.E.T. Net, former Bible school President, Senior Pastor of a Mongolian church

I have been Chairman of V.E.T. Net since its start, and my service has been a great blessing to me. V.E.T. Net is one of the most respected and effective NGOs in Mongolia. I am not a veterinarian, and I never thought that I would be part of this kind of amazing work. I do not understand the professional details about it, but I understand very well about its activities that bring hope to the Mongolian people. I am very thankful to God for V.E.T. Net and that I have had a part in it.

Over the years, I have seen Gerald and Frances encourage and lead many young professionals to find hope in their lives. What they have done in Mongolia will never be forgotten. They have impacted us for eternity.

Testimonial of Ragchaamaa Boldbaatar (Argia)

Head accountant at Mongolia V.E.T. Net

Just as with a healthy and fruitful tree, the foundation of V.E.T. Net started with good soil and the right seed, which the Mitchums planted in Mongolia 23 years ago. Mongolia V.E.T. NET now reaches into many different groups of people – kindergarten children, school pupils, teachers in the countryside, government workers, herders, vets all over Mongolia, vet students, owners of start-up vet clinics, pet owners, and owners of race horses and other livestock.

I really so appreciate Gerald and Frances’ love, heart, hospitality, commitment, leadership, vision, and concern for V.E.T. Net’s future. I honor them.

Testimonial of Ganzorig Bekn-Ochir (Ganzo)

Veterinarian and Executive Director of Mongolia V.E.T. Net (since 2011)

In 2001, when I was 23 years old, I started with V.E.T. Net as a veterinarian, working in remote areas.

I took my first remote trip with V.E.T. Net after three months of working with them . . . While on this remote trip, we went to Orkhon river for fishing . . . After I prayed for fish, I caught my one and only fish. It was a nice one. I was so excited. That evening I made a decision that would change my life forever. You can read more about this fishing experience in this book. There is more to the story.

Frances and Dr. Gerald Mitchum are wonderful examples of how to be obedient and faithful in their walk. I have found that God really blesses those who are faithful in small things. Gerald and Frances have greatly impacted my life and many other Mongolian people.

Testimonial of Undraa – wife of Tsek

Translator and reporter, teacher, responsible for reporting to major donors, has excellent English skills

I met Gerald and Frances in 1997 at our little local fellowship, and I was invited to their home. That was a fun time with many college and university students who were discovering hope with Gerald and Frances’ help.  In my opinion, this was the beginning of V.E.T. Net.

It has been 19 years since I joined V.E.T. Net in 1999 as a volunteer summer school teacher – actually a remote school teacher. I have held many responsible positions, and currently I am serving with V.E.T. Net as a translator and reporter while I also raise my small children.

I am thankful that Gerald and Frances were sent to Mongolia. They have encouraged young Mongolian-national professionals to walk out their faith. They have discipled many young Mongolian believers and have been role models to them to become servant leaders.

Testimonial of Tserendorj – husband of Undraa

One of the great spiritual and professional leaders of V.E.T. Net, Head of the Continuing Education Department of V.E.T. Net, Chief Veterinarian of the Large Animal Clinic/Training Center

I joined V.E.T. Net 16 years ago as a veterinarian. It took years for me to believe in God and make the decision to follow Him. Now my faith is my life.

During these 16 years of serving with V.E.T. Net, I have seen the development of modern veterinary practice in Mongolia. I feel blessed to be part of this effective ministry of veterinary professionals. Gerald fans the flame inside me of serving my people. He is an unceasing visionary.

It is a blessing for Undraa and me to serve together at V.E.T. Net and to raise our young children in the faith.

Testimonial of Dorjpagam Aamjilsuren (Pagma)

Head of Claim-a-County-for-Christ Program (since 2008)

Before joining V.E.T. Net, I worked as a summer-school teacher for two years. During that time, I met Gerald and Frances. They discipled, advised, and encouraged me. I also learned servant leadership principles from them. My personal character has been changed, and the Mitchum’s compassion and commitment to the Mongolian people has been an inspiring example.

I want to spread hope everywhere in Mongolia, and I am so happy to be working at V.E.T. Net …Our Claim-a-County (CAC) Program has grown each year, and now we are working in 128 counties in 12 states.

Testimonial of Bayartsetseg Banbold (Bayraa)

A Chief Veterinarian at the “Caring” Small Animal Clinic/Training Center, one of the spiritual leaders of V.E.T. Net

After I joined V.E.T. Net, I became a believer in 2002. I was introduced to V.E.T. Net at Vet School, where I attended English and veterinary-medical classes from V.E.T. Net. Dr. Clay Ashley, the long-term veterinarian who taught Vet School students, was a kind of man I never met before – very different than the other men I knew.

Dr. Clay Ashley’s attitude and kindness changed my view of men, and his true caring heart drew me to search for the reason he was different. Even though my dad rejected me and chose the alcoholic life – and I felt myself less valuable than a bottle of alcohol – the TRUE and LIVING GOD showed me that He would never reject or forsake me.

My wonderful story is that I have been able to share my faith with both my mother and father, as well as all my siblings. All are dedicated believers now. My parents’ marriage is restored. God has truly worked a miracle in my family. I am thankful to God that He sent his faithful children, the Mitchums, to Mongolia. Their vision from God inspired me, and it has changed many lives in Mongolia. Their kindness and love guided me to walk with the Lord, and their encouragement gives me the strength to share His love.