Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6

We value your prayers for V.E.T. Net and for our continuing mission.  The following are specific prayers requested by those currently serving in ministry to Mongolia.

Veterinary Continuing Education Program

Rural veterinarians continue to come to the V.E.T. Net office for training. The focus of this program is to increase the professionalism among these rural vets, to help them commit their lives to Christ, and to disciple them so that the herders with whom they associate might also come to Christ.

Pray For:
  1. Unity among all veterinarians
  2. Spiritual-growth for all veterinarians
  3. God’s wisdom in planning for the future training of all Mongolian veterinarians and herders
  4. God’s financial provision for all veterinary needs in order that we may effectively train all veterinarians and herders in Mongolia

Claim-a-County-for-Christ Program

The Claim-a-County-for-Christ (CAC) Program continues to sweep across the nation. It is the vision of the Mongolian teachers that they will continue to claim counties until the Gospel has been shared in every village. They are well along with this challenge, having now worked in 11 of the 19 rural provinces.

Pray For:
  1. Implementation of the program in Umnugobi, Gobialtai, Tuv, Khovd, Uvs, and Baynulgii Provinces. Please pray for supporters of the program in these provinces.
  2. Implementation of a small project to provide character training for the school dormitory teachers. Please pray for wisdom and finances to support this project.
  3. Training for English teachers (both the rural and CAC summer school teachers) to help them learn to teach English more effectively. Pray for suitable people to help with the training and funds to run the program.

Watering-With-The-Word Program (WWW)

The number of small churches continues to increase as we complete the three-year discipleship program in these remote villages. The challenge is to return to these people and help them to grow in understanding their new-found God. This is the road to a sustainable church in the nation.

Pray For:
  1. Discipleship training for local believers and preparation of a discipleship training book to help with this
  2. The annual Shepherd’s Conference
  3. The 112 WWW counties – for more staff and funds to work in these counties. We also need wisdom to determine how best to encourage, support, and establish home churches in those counties.
  4. Nuda and Muugii’s prayer requests:
    • Full time WWW staff
    • Tsahir, Tuvshiruuleh, Tariat, Murun, Khangai, and Chuluut’s County church leaders to grow in their faith and be filled with God’s power, wisdom, and knowledge
    • Spiritual growth for the home-group believers in Khotont County
    • Teacher Tsetsegsaihan – who worked with V.E.T. Net – wants to start a home group with her husband in Erdenemandal County
    • Ways in which we can support, encourage, and assist the local-county church leaders that require help for various reasons (health, etc.)
  5. Nuda and Muugii’s family’s increased reliance on God, their desire to know Him more deeply, and that through His power they will continue to serve the Lord
  6. Please pray for family members’ health and protection.
  7. Amraa and Altai’s prayer requests:
    • Full time WWW staff
    • Strong leaders for the home groups and churches in WWW counties
    • Amraa and Altai’s family’s health and their children’s protection
    • Local church leaders who have difficult lives. We want to provide life-skill training so that they can provide for their families and better reach out to local people.
    • Local county believers’ protection from temptation and addiction and that they would be faithful to God

Gift-of-Love Program

It is our hope that perhaps thousands of poor widows and handicapped people will be fed physically and spiritually. 

Pray For:
  1. Government leaders, veterinarians, herders, local churches, and V.E.T. Net workers to catch Christ’s vision of helping the poor and the downcast
  2. God’s Kingdom to be expanded through this project
  3. Funds to cover the costs of operating the project, as all donations to the project go to providing animals to poor families

Large Animal Clinic/Training Center & Internship Program

The expansion of the large animal training facility is a work-in-progress. The importance of this part of the ministry cannot be over-emphasized, as the practical training of veterinarians is key to the expansion and continuation of this ministry.

Pray For:
  1. The intentional sharing about Christ, the Gospel, and Bible studies to all
  2. The teaching of Christian morals and character traits
  3. The Demonstration of God’s love through our words, actions, and lifestyles
  4. Training in science-based, useful, and practical veterinary medicine for Mongolian countryside veterinarians
  5. Building lasting “mentor” or “colleague” relationships that develop into true friendships, leading non-believing individuals to a saving faith in Jesus Christ
  6. That those who are believers or become believers will disciple the next generation of Christ followers and disciple-makers, and that they will take the Good News to the ends of the earth
  7. A large veterinary training center and teaching hospital that will enable the expansion of the Veterinary Continuing Education Program to all veterinarians in Mongolia

Small Animal Clinic Training Center

The clinic for the treatment of pets in Mongolia has opened its doors as an outreach to veterinary students, veterinarians, and pet owners. The care of pets is a new concept in Mongolia, where dogs were formerly for the protection of livestock and property and cats were to be feared.

Pray For:
  1. Our current location is very good, but it is associated with an apartment building. The noise from the animals can understandably cause frustration for other tenants of the building. Pray that we find a free-standing building, in a good location, that is zoned to allow a veterinary clinic, and is larger than our current building so that we can provide space for more training.
  2. The professional development of the V.E.T. Net veterinarians. Their vision is to be able to expand the referral/training center to help elevate the care that can be provided in Mongolia. Currently the limitations on space make it difficult to provide normal veterinary services and perform the training that is desired.
  3. For relationships with current veterinary students
  4. Pray for the personal spiritual growth of our workers. Pray that they will daily be strengthened in their love and commitment to serving the Lord.

Student Ministry

The outreach to vet students through English training and pet and large animal clubs is a critical part of reaching these students with the Gospel.

Pray For:
  1. Ways to encourage students to attend English and veterinary clubs
  2. Cooperation from the veterinary school with these programs
  3. More workers for this university harvest
  4. Student’s hearts to be prepared to accept Jesus as their personal Savior
  5. Good mutual understanding and cooperation among this team
  6. Discipleship and lifelong mentorships from this ministry

Administration and Finance Departments

The behind-the-scenes support people in these departments make the ministry of V.E.T. Net possible. Without these dedicated workers, all of the other projects and programs would fail.

Pray For:
  1. Each member’s spiritual growth and closer relationship with God
  2. Team unity and cooperation
  3. That all finance and administrative work is done in an orderly and timely manner and with integrity
  4. That each member and their families have good health and peace, and that they place God first in their lives
  5. That all of our work and relationships bring glory to God