The following videos are provided with the permission of CVM and V.E.T. Net

The following is an extremely informative video created by the Mongolian V.E.T. Net organization in 2020. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the three main programs of V.E.T. Net:  Claim-a-County, Watering-with-the-Word, and Gift-of-Love.  Also included are several testimonials about how V.E.T. has impacted the lives of the Mongolian people and overviews of other programs and services being offered through V.E.T. Net.

Who doesn’t like Praise music and images of beautiful children!  The following video is of the adorable Mongolian children at the pre-school Day Care which is provided for the staff at V.E.T. Net.

This short video describes the Mongolian mission of Dr. Gerald and Frances Mitchum

This video explains the V.E.T. Net Gift-of-Love Program