Gift of Love

Gift of Love was implemented in Mongolia in 2017. This project is unique in that it is not simply a gift to the poor, which would be good in itself, but the gift also helps others and helps stabilize the V.E.T. Net organization. Here is how it works:

Herders need quality drugs from their veterinarians but are often strapped for cash. As a result, their animals go untreated and suffer from parasitism and other disease. These animals begin the harsh winter thin, and with scraggly coats of hair. Later, many die in the severe spring storms.

Rural veterinarians want to help the herders, but they can only extend so much credit because they, too, must have cash to replace depleted drug inventories. So, the herder trades one or more sheep to his veterinarian for needed medication. The sheep are then given to needy people identified by V.E.T. Net, the local governor, church leaders, teachers, and other community leaders. Through charitable donations, V.E.T. Net is then able to re-supply the medications used by the rural veterinarian.

Through this process, donors are able to provide food directly to the neediest people, while also assisting the herder, the rural veterinarian, and and the sustainability of V.E.T. Net. Through the process, the church and V.E.T. Net become more relevant in the community and are provided greater opportunities to share the Gospel. Because V.E.T. Net already has the infrastructure in place, 100% of the gifts received go directly to buy food for the poor. There are some administrative expenses to sending money to Mongolia, but the funds that V.E.T. Net actually receives go dollar-for-dollar to feed the poor.  

And not only is V.E.T. Net encouraging the church spiritually, it is teaching the joy of giving. One grateful older man who received his sheep, insisted that he help deliver sheep to other poor families. Giving becomes contagious as we see the happiness brought to these poor but eager families. In addition, through this process, Christians are elevated to places of honor in the villages, whereas before, they were marginalized. The village people contrast the V.E.T. Net process with Buddhism – whereas the Budhist lamas always take from the poor, Christianity teachs charity and that giving to the poor is a sacred obligation. What a blessed change!

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