Fishers of Men

Over the years, fishing has been one of our favorite pastimes. Many times my wife, Frances, and I waded the clear, cold waters of Montana and Wyoming to cast a bit of hair and feathers to those wily trout. Hour after hour we tried to entice sleek rainbows and browns until the surface of the river exploded and our lines drew taut.

However, God touched Frances and me on the shoulder and said, “Come and follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” So, we left the U.S. and moved to Mongolia in search of men and women to reel in for the Savior.

But even as we “fished for men,” God gave us the desires of our heart. The Mongolian streams teemed with Siberian salmon and we were in the midst of some of the greatest fishing in the world. Tiamin, which grow to the size of a man, lurked beneath the surface of shimmering rivers, just waiting to be caught.

“I got one,” Frances would scream as my pole also bent double. We stopped counting after 50 fish that day and caught and released fish after fish — although we did keep a few for the frying pan, to break the monotony of our countryside diet.

Sometimes following God does not lead to deprivation. We may just be blessed with super abundance along the way.