Day Care

We have found that working mothers in Mongolia have the same concerns as mothers elsewhere in the world. And if these concerns happen to include the welfare of children, we know that working parents lose focus, and job efficiency suffers.

Although many of the challenges of parenting are the same regardless of location – whether in Mongolia, Manila, or Minnesota – Mongolian families face more challenges than most.  This is because many Mongolians still live in traditional Mongolian tent-like structures called gers.  

Ger families must rise early each morning to begin their day in a cold home that has no running water or indoor bathroom facilities. A fire is built in the central stove to coax the children from their warm beds. Food is prepared in these primitive conditions, and everyone dresses quickly before piling onto a crowded bus for the trip to wherever they must go – one which they must often make while standing, because seating is frequently insufficient.

One of the most awesome things which God has enabled us to do is to open a day care facility to support the children of the staff working at V.E.T. Net. We feel that this may be one of our most important ministries yet, as these children are becoming the second-generation Christians who will in turn carry the Gospel to the next generations of Mongolians. For the V.E.T. Net parents, there is the added peace of knowing that their children are safe and secure in an environment of Christian love and learning. 

A week or so ago we uploaded a short video of Mongolian children playing, sharing, learning, and singing, attended by teachers who lovingly care for them.  If you have not watched this video, you are really missing something.  Who doesn’t like Praise music and beautiful children?  Check out the video, and witness the transformation that is happening every day in a country that was once closed to Christianity.  It is our hope that the day care model we have created at V.E.T. Net will become the standard by which other organizations care for their workplace children.

Praise God for his faithfulness!