Gift of Love 2019

The following is an edited extract from a December report on the V.E.T. Net Gift of Love program by V.E.T. Net missionaries Andrew and Chris Spence.  In it we have a story reported by a team of V.E.T. NET missionaries from Ireland.

Dear Friends,

What an exciting time it has been, as V.E.T. Net staff and friends have been busy distributing the sheep for this year’s Gift of Love program. There are still a few areas that have not yet been visited,  but the majority of the distributions have been made.  The stories that have come from these efforts are extremely touching.  What follows is just one of the many heartwarming examples of how Gift of Love is impacting lives.  This one comes from a team from Ireland that has been working as part of our V.E.T. Net team.

In Uganga the local vet chose three widows to receive Gift of Love sheep to help support their families. One of the widows was unable to come to receive her sheep, as she was with her son,  who was joining the military that day.  Instead, she sent her 22-year-old daughter on her behalf.  This daughter was recently divorced and had a one year old daughter; but she was already a believer. During the presentation of the sheep, the Gospel was shared with a short message. Nuda, one of our Gift of Love volunteers, invited all of the ladies to our hotel room later in the day to learn more about Jesus. All three of them came, along along with another lady they brought, as well!  All of the ladies gave their lives to the Lord, received prayer for healing, and provided personal testimony. The lady who came as a guest was given the name “no name” at birth; now she is a child of God, known personally by Him!

That same day we met a small group of six believers who have been meeting regularly in a local church. We were staying another night in Uganga, so the church agreed to invite some local people the next night to hear the Gospel. That next night the three Gift of Love recipients came — along with their friend — and the size of the church congregation tripled in size!  As the meeting was ending later that night, we were concerned that each of the ladies would have to walk home alone; so we began making plans to form groups to accompany each of the ladies. Shortly, we realized that the ladies in the church were already planning on personally driving each of the ladies home in their cars. It was beautiful to witness the church actively reaching out and befriending these new believers.  God is good!




As we conclude our highly successful Gift of Love operations for 2019, we offer the following as prayer requests and praises:

Prayer Requests:

  • For the successful distribution of the remaining Gift of Love animals, for the safe travels of our volunteers, and for the open hearts of all recipients
  • For our continued positive relationships with all recipients


  • For the generosity of all donors in 2019
  • For the open hearts of the people touched by the Gift of Love program and for those who have been personally involved in assisting with the program this year

Thank you for your part in helping to make the Gift of Love program possible. We look forward to reporting the final results from our 2019 program early in the new year. May the Lord bless you richly, just as you have blessed others.

In Him we trust,

Andrew and Chris Spence
V.E.T. Net Gift of Love Foreign Advisors