Sheep Drive

This past weekend I had the opportunity to stand in front of the congregations of three services at my home church in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and talk about V.E.T. Net.  Now, anyone who knows me is fully aware that I can talk about anything for just about as long as someone is willing to let me talk.  So when I was asked to tell the story of V.E.T. Net and why it means so much to me and to the people of Mongolia in 10 minutes or less, I knew I would be challenged.

My appearance on stage this weekend was actually the culmination of a month-long event at Christ Community Church called the Sheep Drive, during which children of the church were encouraged to bring their donations to Sunday school each week as a way of establishing a bond with the V.E.T. Net Gift-of-Love program.  This program is a God-inspired process by which rural veterinarians provide veterinary medicines to remote herders, who in turn provide sheep and goats to feed the poorest of the poor in Mongolia. V.E.T. Net oversees the process by purchasing the veterinary medicines and working with local organizations to identify those in need.

The V.E.T. Net story which I shared this weekend is one that only God could have orchestrated.  In the aftermath of the Soviet occupation in the early 1990’s, Christianity was given a foot-hold in a country long-dominated by Buddhism.  It was in this environment that V.E.T. Net was established to train veterinarians, provide internships to local university students, offer veterinary support to remote veterinarians and herders, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Supported by short and long-term veterinarian missionaries, V.E.T. Net has now been providing friendship, practical guidance, and the soul-saving love of Christ to the Mongolian people for over 24 years.

So this is what I talked about for about 10 minutes at three services this past weekend.  Plus I had the opportunity to sign copies of my book, Tend My Sheep, which is the story of V.E.T. Net and my 24 years of missionary work in Mongolia – a mission which I have joyfully shared with my wife, Frances.   Over the years, Christ Community Church has sent a number of its members to Mongolia to experience first-hand the wonders of this great country and of the V.E.T. Net mission which it supports.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to speak with so many people who understand and support the mission of V.E.T. Net as it touches the lives of the Mongolian people and enriches their souls with the saving faith of Jesus Christ.

Oh, and during the month-long Sheep Drive, we raised over $15,000 for V.E.T. Net, including contributions from the congregation, online donations, and the personal treasures of our precious Sunday school children. At a cost of approximately $50 per sheep/goat, V.E.T. Net will be able to provide life-saving nourishment to over 300 of Mongolia’s poorest families. 

Praise God for his faithfulness!