Ger Life

You get up well before dawn to start the fire.  There is no running water, no indoor bathroom, no shower, and cooking is on top of the small coal stove in the center of the only room. A trip to the outdoor toilet is to be dreaded and is strictly avoided, except for the direst of emergencies.  There is no way the kids are leaving their warm covers to face the freezing temperatures until the fire is hot.

Life is definitely not easy in a Mongolian ger (tent).

It is a credit to the pride and work ethic of the Mongolian employees at V.E.T. Net that although many of them live in gers and therefore face difficult circumstances every day, they somehow arrive each day neat, well-groomed, and ready for work. The children immediately go off to the daycare center over the garage at V.E.T. Net headquarters, while mom and dad attend devotions before going to their respective jobs.

Now, it may sound strange that we routinely employ husbands and wives in the same organization (and in many cases in the same building).  But there is a reason we have multiple married couples at V.E.T. Net.

Picture this:  Two young singles come to work at V.E.T. Net because they need work or have heard of the wonderful things that V.E.T. Net is doing in Mongolia. They may already be Christians, or they may be interested in learning more about Christianity.  Regardless, before long the veterinarian falls in love with the teacher or accountant – or vice versa. Soon there are wedding bells, and before long the two singles are a working couple.

Some months or years later we find ourselves sitting at a table in the young couple’s first real apartment, attending an open house to share in their joy and excitement.  The apartment is warm and cozy, and two young children play quietly in the bedroom as the young couple smiles warmly.  Their lives are changing, and they have so much to be thankful for.

But there are many V.E.T. Net staff members who still live in substandard conditions.  So this past year V.E.T. Net started a new program to help young employees who have proven themselves capable of managing money and debt. Under this program, V.E.T. Net provides a grant of $3,000 to help with a down-payment on an apartment.  This is money that does not have to be re-paid! So far, five families have taken advantage of this new program, and four are already in their new apartments.  No more outdoor toilets!

God is always faithful to those who love him and do his work.