Not long ago, we had a morning devotion that was quite interesting. Enkhtuya, one of our kindergarten teachers who has been with V.E.T. Net approximately one year, shared her life-story with the V.E.T. Net team. Normally quiet and reserved, she surprised us all when she revealed that she had been on a mission trip to Tibet.

It is said that Tibet is more difficult to visit than North Korea, with the Chinese government strictly controlling all access to the country.  Foreigners often require as many as seven different visas.  However, Mongolians have no such restrictions. In fact, they don’t even need a visa. Tibetans are close to Mongolians because of a shared religious history — Tibetan Buddhism came to Mongolia approximately 450 years ago.

Enkhtuya revealed that, during her mission trip, she and her friends would knock on doors and ask permission to spend the night. They then had the opportunity to share the Gospel privately with the host family.  Sounds just like the way the Gospel was spread in the New Testament!

Isn’t this amazing? Just a few short years ago there were virtually no Christians in Mongolia.  Now Mongolia is a missionary-sending nation! In a very real sense, Mongolia is like the Switzerland of Asia: Friendly with all surrounding nations — including China, Russia, Japan, North Korea and South Korea. Mongolia is given favorable status in nearly every endeavor with those countries, while maintaining its positive relationship with the United States and other Western nations.

Each time we are privileged to share the Gospel and witness the wonderful gift of a life transformed, we know that God is at work, around us and within us.  Watch for our next post, in which we will share just such a story of change and transformation!