VET Net’s internship program is designed for recent graduates of the Mongolian Veterinary School. They have very limited opportunities for practical, hands-on experience, so the training received as interns is their best preparation for veterinary practice in rural areas. Their eyes grow large as they experience first-hand things they have only seen in the pages of books.

Of course, we want to help these young veterinarians become competent practitioners, because V.E.T. Net needs young, energetic, and capable veterinarians to fill the expanding needs of the organization. But we also have other reasons for providing this program:  We are seeking veterinarians who share our goals, our values, and our vision.

Puujee is one of our recent interns, having joined the program in May of 2018. She is a vibrant young woman with a wonderful personality. Every morning at 8 AM you can find Puujee joining in the singing of worship songs and listening intently to the V.E.T. Net devotions. She works closely with Solonogo, another V.E.T. Net veterinarian, who is also a committed Christian. For months, Puujee has observed closely the lives of these people who call themselves Christians, taking stock of how their faith is an integral part of their everyday lives. Recently, Puujee decided to follow Jesus, to make Him part of her everyday life.  Puujee knows that this is a life-changing decision.  As she says, “Now I am a new person. God has changed me into a new creation.”

We rejoice with this young woman who has placed Christ at the center of her life, and we pray that she will continue to grow strong in her faith.  We also pray for all of our interns, for their growth as individuals, and for the contributions which they will continue to make to the wonderful program that is V.E.T. Net.  And of course we pray that many of Puujee’s contemporaries will find their way to Christ, just as she did.  Change is good!