Monument to the Past

Mongolian Monument

Historically, religion in Mongolia was dominated by Buddhism and Shamanism, the ethnic religion of the Mongols.  As late as the early 1900’s there were hundreds of Buddhist temples throughout the country, and nearly one-third of all men in Mongolia were Buddhist monks.  With the fall of Communism in 1990, Christianity was given a long-awaited religious foothold in Mongolia. Today, Mongolia can count tens of thousands of Christians among the faithful.

Right outside the front door of the V.E.T. Net headquarters building in Ulaanbaatar is a monument to the workers of another era. You see, our building was once the administrative office for the leather and shoe-making industry during the Soviet occupation of Mongolia. One side of the monument reads: “Glory to the worker proletarians,” while the other says: “For the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Great Bolshevik Revolution from the Leather Industry Union.”

Today, this building is no longer staffed with forced laborers of a failed socialist society.  Instead, it is home to a team of young veterinarians and support personnel intent on improving the lives of Mongolian herders and the rural communities in which they live – and on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are presently undergoing due-diligence in an effort to purchase this building that we have been leasing for a number of years.  We are trusting that God will provide us with the guidance and the resources necessary to take this important step, if it is His Will.  We have faithfully followed God’s lead during the last 25 years and will do so for this effort, as well.

Is V.E.T. Net having an impact?  You decide:

Not long ago, the son of a retired veterinarian who lives in a U.S. care facility managed by V.E.T. Net’s umbrella organization, CRISTA, was touring a remote area of the Gobi Desert during a visit to Mongolia.  While there, he struck up a conversation with a man who professed to be a Christian.  When asked how it was that he became a Christian, the man told him proudly, it was because of V.E.T. Net.“

How cool is that!

2 Thessalonians 3:1:  … pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you.