October 2019 Prayer Letter

Psalm 96:3: Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

Dear friends,

The old grey van had found its final resting place next to a fence in Bayan Uul County in the state of Dornod. It had been relegated to the junk pile, where its only value was as a source of spare parts. The tires and wheels had been scavenged, and it sat immobile on its axles. It was nearly useless.  But to one desperate family, it had found a second life as a much-needed home.

The rusting door squeaked open as two young girls climbed from the wreck. They were followed by their disheveled mother, Gantuya, who gently cradled their one-year-old baby brother in her arms. Their father had been sent away to prison, and the family was left to fend for themselves. They spent their days searching for a few bites of food to avoid starvation.

One day, a strange vehicle pulled alongside the family, and the passengers began asking Gantuya questions. Later, she learned that she and her family had been chosen as recipients of the Gift of Love project that was being implemented by Mongolia V.E.T. Net. She was told that her family would be receiving four sheep for their winter meat supply.

Mongolia V.E.T. Net works with the county governors, the governor’s executive assistants, social workers, local veterinarians, and other community leaders to choose the neediest families in their county. The animals are given in the fall, when they are in good condition and the temperatures are cold enough so that the meat can be prepared and stored without spoiling.

It was October and the nights were becoming very cold. Soon Gantuya and her children would face dangerously bitter conditions. V.E.T. Net created an awareness of the plight of this needy family. The county governor and leaders of the community began to collect funds, and soon there was enough money to purchase a ger (a traditional Mongolian dwelling). Now this struggling family will have a warm place to spend the winter, and plenty of food.

Mongolia V.E.T. Net began the Gift of Love project in three counties in 2017. In 2018 the project grew to 67 counties in 11 states, and 519 families were recipients of animals. In that year, there were 2,224 sheep and goats distributed to some of the neediest families in rural Mongolia. Every dollar that V.E.T. Net receives for this project is used to purchase sheep and goats for the needy. There are no administrative or implementation fees subtracted by V.E.T. Net. Even better, the whole community gets involved. Many people are learning the joy of giving through this project, and generosity is becoming contagious.

We are grateful to those of you who have participated in the Gift of Love. Frances and I will be traveling throughout Mongolia this fall to meet with many of these recipients. We want each of them to have a better life.  And we want each of them to hear the wonderful news of the Savior who loves them and understand that even though they are poor they can become “rich” beyond measure by accepting Jesus into their lives.

Together in His service, Gerald and Frances

2 Thessalonians 3:1b: Pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored.